Top Tips for Directors on Social Media

Marketing yourself like a pro isn't as hard as it seems! Check out our below tips and managing your platforms won't feel like such a chore. Creating the right content allows you to connect with your followers and foster relationships.

1. Where do you belong?

  • You don’t need to be on every social media platform – make sure you’re on a platform that showcases your art to its best advantage and that you’re comfortable maneuvering on this platform

2. Tag Everything and everyone

  • People are more likely to see your content if you tag other businesses with a larger follower base (make sure they’re relevant to the post!)

  • Hashtag your post as well with relevant subjects, phrases, words, etc.

3. Post pictures! and videos that autoplay!

  • People are more likely to look at and engage with a post if there’s something eye-catching about it

  • Clean high quality images make the biggest impact

4. Shorten your links – especially on Twitter! Sites like Bitly and can do this for you

5. Consistency matters

  • You need to post regularly to keep people interested in your workand in you

6. You’re not trying to make a sale. Post your thoughts, new ideas, sneak peeks from new work, new releases, exciting moments – but don’t try to make people buy that new DVD.

7. Get into the #tbt and #fbf craze – they’re great for bringing things back from the archives

8. Always include a call-to-action

  • Ask followers to ‘like’ and ‘share’, but also to share their own thoughts with you – and then be sure to react to some of the stories

9. Be social

  • Reply to comments on your posts, comment on other people’s posts, like other posts

10. Don’t rely entirely on self-generated content – don’t be afraid to share posts from other pages or to retweet

  • Sharing and retweeting allows followers to see that you’re engaged, active, and not self-absorbed

​Download Top Tips for Directors on Social Media as a PDF here