The SDGI Guide to Residencies

Whether it is soaking in the Tuscan sunshine or watching the northern lights over Iceland, the SDGI Spring Guide to Residencies for Directors highlights inspirational spaces around the world for you to work on your projects.


Internation Lab, Italy

The IUGTE in Leitring bei Leibnitz, Austria is an non-profit organisation that explores the relationship between theatre traditions and the contemporary performing arts. The Internation Lab, a section of the institute, is currently taking applications for a scholarship programme for an “intensive workshop”. The workshop is open to performers from different creative genres, including directors. The Lab will focus on experiments in performing arts, and the Russian Theatre Tradition in examining “physicality as the principal creative instrument…in contemporary performance”. The Scholarship awards it’s successful applicants €300, and the participation fee is covered in the cost of the application. For more information about the organisation and on how to apply, visit


Each year, the Festival De Cannes offers a prestigious residency programme where a dozen successful applicants are given the chance to relocate to Paris in order to develop their film project, research and develop networks within the industry. In addition, those in the Résidence du Festival are given a grant of €800 per month, free access to a large number of Paris cinemas, optional French lessons, and the possibility of attending festivals during their stay. The programme includes meeting with producers and distributers, script development and advice sessions, and a forum discussion with other directors, professionals and industry representatives. The selection of residents “is based on the quality of their already made shorts, or first feature film, as well as the interest of the feature film project in the course of being written, and on the candidates motivation”. For more information on when you can apply, visit


Berlinale Film Festival is currently starting a new residency programme. The programme, currently in it’s first year, offers six directors “who have already enjoyed their first success on the international festival circuit” a grant programme and the chance to live and work in Berlin for four months. Much like the Cannes Résidence du Festival, the Berlinale Residency will allow film directors to develop their next project further by offering them guidance from selected mentors and market experts. The residency is split into two phases; one for initial script development, and another that focuses on content marketing for international distribution. For further information on the residency programme, plus an application, you can visit


The Nes Artist Residency was founded in March 2008 in Skagaströnd, a small town in North West Iceland, the first artists in residence arrived in June. As one of the largest residencies in Iceland, Nes currently hosts between 90-120 artists per year. Nes provides artists with a workspace and living quarters within Skagaströnd. During their stay, artists live in five shared apartments throughout the town. The Nes is a process based residency. NES aim to provide opportunities for international and artistic exchange, as well as an immersive space to allow the artistic process to develop and thrive. We encourage all artists that come to Nes to join us with curiosity to connect with this special place as part of their personal experience and artistic practice. Nes is a multidisciplinary residency that accepts applicants from all creative fields. We offer a writer in residence program in collaboration with the University of Iceland, and coordinate access to additional facilities for dancers, composers and musicians. Nes also has a history of hosting filmmakers and researchers. As there is no end of answers to the question “who is an artist,” Nes accepts applicants on a basis of self-definition. Info available at

Pieve International School

Residencies are available throughout the year. Residencies are for independent artists, writers, or filmmakers who are established in their careers and need uninterrupted time to work, or for those who are returning to their work after career and/or family obligations, or for those who are new to pursuing a career in art, writing or film. Residents may choose to apply for a one, two, three or four week stay at the Pieve International School. Residencies at the Pieve International School provide a private room, studio space, meals and a quiet, relaxed atmosphere in which to work. As Umbria is an important region for history, art, religion, antiquities and culture, the Pieve International School will host at least one important weekly trip in order to help residents get to know the local area. Studios are assigned according to a resident's needs. An artist, for example, will have a space in the Country House designated for studio use. Easels or tables are available for studio use. Writers or filmmakers may wish to take advantage of classroom spaces, or Conference Room spaces. The staff at the Pieve International School will do their best to accommodate the individual needs of each resident. Residents have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing meal at the end of the day with other residents at a shared table. Information on

AKOS Cultural NGO – ACOSS Residency

ACOSS residency program is a project workshop for the promotion of multi - disciplinary art and cultural international exchange in and out of Armenia. They call artists from all artistic disciplines to live, work, and collaborate during their preferred time of staying.

Through the Artist-in-Residence ACOSS supports international art activities bringing multicultural dimension to the region. The guest artists have opportunity to work in a peace space, separated from the everyday haste, set new contacts in the art field as well as to the local community. If artist's project is connected with Yerevan city, we can organize housing in the city. Interested artists have to discuss this matter with ACOSS artistic director beforehand. On completion of the residency the artists will get a Diploma about participation in the ACOSS Artist-in-Residence program, Booklet or Catalog on Final Exhibition and will provide a detailed report that gives an account of project completion and of all the professional activities in which the artist has engaged while in Yerevan. Private studios are available for artists 24 hours a day.

Info available at:

Atelier of Alexandria, Egypt

AAW Artists Residency Programme is one of three proposals under the frame of AAW projects (Alexandria to Africa to World) which propose international artists workshop, international youth salon and international artists residency programme. It is a four weeks artists residency programs, open to any artist working in any media (painting, sculpture, graphic, drawing, photography, installation, video art, performance, music, theatre and literature) from anywhere in the world.

The aims of the Artists Residency Program are to facilitate cultural exchange and creative dialogue internationally and locally by bringing together artists from diverse cultural backgrounds in a stimulating and supportive environment.

The studios are rented as private spaces in which to work on a full time basis (from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm). The studio ethos is one of co-operation and interaction. Studio space and interaction with a broader community of artists is necessary to ensure a professional attitude towards work that is being created.

Info here:


ISIS Arts is a visual and media arts organisation, which runs an international programme of commissions, residencies and events. ISIS Arts’ core ethos is to support artists to make critically engaged visual and media art, which is locally significant and internationally relevant, and to share the learning and relationships it gains. ISIS works internationally with artists to produce and present contemporary art, film and new media. Its core programme is made up of artist residencies. ISIS is committed to showing work within the public realm, engaging as wide an audience as possible in dialogue with artists and artworks, making its projects accessible to a diverse public. Based in Newcastle city centre, ISIS has two studio spaces for visiting artists, a media training room, and an inflatable touring venue for sharing media arts with a wider audience. ISIS works with many international, national and regional artists to support practice and exchange.

Info here:

TAIR (Tiny Artist-In-Residence), Netherlands

The TAIR is inspired by the landscape, the location and the local inhabitants. The quality of food, ecology, practical knowledge of the landscape, community spirit and the supply of energy are recurring themes within the projects.

The TAIR offers artists the opportunity to dig themselves into the landscape. It is not the express intention of the TAIR to leave behind some kind of physical art object, but rather to organize short-term art projects that might promote social cohesion for the duration of the project and possibly after.The TAIR specializes in site-specific art. The end result of the artists stay in the TAIR can take the form of a debate, a scientific essay, a record of conversations with passers-by, a film, soundscape, photo’s and/or a narrative of things that have happened. The artist’s stay is meant to contribute to the artist‘s and the TAIR’s creative development. Their stay should be meaningful for the local community.


18th Street Arts Center

The Santa Monica Center (once the headquarters of High Performance Magazine) has been in existence since 1988, and has a mission to "provoke public dialogue through contemporary ART making," offering the three options listed above for would-be participants. The Visiting Artist Residency hosts 16 to 20 emerging to mid-career artists, chosen annually, who are funded through partner organizations or self-funded. Travel costs and stipends are accomodated. Artists are given live/work studios through the center, as well as equipment and representation on the Web site. While the Mid-Term Residencies may provide more space for a longer period of time, they are not funded and only offer live/work day studios for rent. Still, the prices are subsidized at below market value, from $1-2 per square foot, and between 400-1,000 square feet.

NO.W.HERE is a not for profit artist run organisation based in east London. We do not have a fund available to support residencies at, we may be able to accept proposals for self­-funded residencies. Bespoke residencies usually take place over a period of three months and can either be used for completion of a work, or for research and generation of work in progress. The residency also provides an opportunity to engage with peers within a salon style setting.

As an artist run, not for profit space operating with a DIY ethos, places high value and emphasis on mutually supportive models of learning and engagement. Therefore we expect that the residency artist will contribute time and skills to support as part of their residency. This may include volunteering on the following: Assisting in running screenings, events or workshops; Writing and blogging about your work at; Assisting in developing online content or helping with the day to day running of the lab space including maintenance of equipment; Contributing where possible to support subsequent artists in residence including supporting or hosting salons or informal screenings of work.


The Objectifs Film Residency, Singapore

The 2016 Objectifs Film Residency is a reciprocal residency that is dedicated to providing filmmakers valuable space, resources and networking to help them develop their film projects. The residency programme aims to facilitate the research and creation of filmmakers’ work in progress projects.

Objectifs will host one international filmmaker (with the recommendation of an international partner) and the international partner will host a Singaporean filmmaker in return. The filmmakers-in-residence will each be mentored by professional filmmakers. The cross-border interactions will also encourage the development of co-productions and collaborations.

Further Information:

San Francisco Film Society

FilmHouse currently holds ten filmmakers engaged in 12-month residencies, all working in early project stages of screenwriting and preproduction. These full-time residents are joined more than 30 part-time residents who utilize the innovative flexible-use space. In addition to 12-month residencies, throughout the year there are roughly 10-20 additional visiting filmmakers from other Filmmaker360 programs that utilize flexible-use space. All residents benefit from a robust guest speaker series, featuring lectures and presentations by leading industry professionals; resident-led workshops and work-in-progress screenings; access to SFFS networking events; and numerous other community-building programs.

Tara Pacific

Tara Expeditions is offering artist-in-residencies aboard the schooner during the upcoming Tara PACIFIC expedition. Artists are invited to submit their projects.

Tara Expeditions regularly invites artists aboard the schooner for residencies. The presence of artists on board is an innovative and relevant way to raise public awareness about the environment and the challenges facing us in the 21st century to protect our environment. A selection committee will meet to review the projects received. Selected artists will leave for a month’s residency aboard the famous schooner Tara during Tara Pacific, an expedition devoted to the study of coral reefs and their biodiversity in the face of global change. The outcome of the residencies will be a group exhibition of works produced during or just after the expedition. Tara reserves the right to use the works for raising public awareness.

More information available at:

Centre Culturel Irlandais

This residency has it’s roots in Ireland, but is located in Paris. Applicants must be either Irish citizens or normally resident in Ireland or “French professional artists whose work demonstrates an Irish dimension”. This residency is open to all types of artists, including film directors; past participants include the SDGI co-founder Trish McAdam. The aim of the residency is to “showcase Ireland’s dynamic contemporary culture and strong historical traditions on an international stage”. Successful applicants will get to live and work in Paris, and receive a bursary, plus a grant of €700 per month. For more information on how to apply, you can visit

DAAD: Berlin Artists-in-Residence Programme

The DAAD Berlin Artists-in-Residence programme (BKP) is one of the world's most renowned programmes, offering grants to artists in the fields of visual arts, film, literature and music.

Every year around 20 scholarships are awarded to international students for a stay in Berlin of usually one year. This is an award scholarship: the scholarships are granted to extraordinary and internationally established artists from abroad, who have already established their reputation and style. The Berlin Künstlerprogramm is designed to give artists freedom for creative work, promote the variety and diversity of artistic approaches and strengthen the freedom of expression and the arts. Age is not taken into account. The scholarship holders are given every freedom to evolve, focus on their artistic works or exchange ideas. The scholarship benefits provide for an adequate lifestyle; furnished apartments and work areas are provided. For more information visit


Centre for Contemporary Art

The Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) in Northern Ireland is currently offering both an Inbound and an Outbound Residency Programme. The Outbound programme is aimed at “visual arts professionals in the early stages of their careers and based in Northern Ireland” and will allow for visual artists including film directors to travel to Berlin for one month to live and work. The Inbound programme allows for directors to relocate to Derry to live and to work temporarily. This gives visual artists taking part the chance to “undertake research, produce new projects, and build their professional network”. Though the Inbound programme is currently by invitation of the CCA Co-Directors only, they are currently taking applications for the Outbound Residency programme now. For more information on the programme and how you can apply, visit

Incidental Traces | Artists Residency

Clonakilty Community Arts Centre invites proposals for a short artists residency and follow-up solo exhibition to take place in 2016. The call out is open to professional artists and/ or artists collectives originally from, or who have studied visual art in the West Cork region.

The artist will be provided with a private studio within the Clonakilty Community Arts Centre for 3 weeks and support from Arts Centre staff and volunteers. This is a funded residency, the artist will be paid and funds will be provided for materials as necessary. Applications are invited for participatory projects that will interrogate and respond to the Town of Clonakilty, and that will work with members of the community to do so. Artists are invited to leave a permanent or semi-permanent ‘trace’ on the town. Ideally, this trace should be representative of the artist’s experience at the Clonakilty Community Arts Centre.

For more info see

Cow House Studios, Wexford

Successful applicants will come to Rathnure and reside at Cow House Studios from 11 September to 13 November 2016. The residency is located in the foothills of the Blackstairs Mountains, and co-exists alongside a working farm. While there, participants will have time to work independently on their individual projects, experiment with processes outside of their core practice, and work collaboratively to produce an exhibition, to be presented in the form of a play, at Wexford Arts Centre in November 2016.

Crucially, throughout the residency, participants will be invited to develop approaches to presenting artworks or art projects within the architectural parameters of a play (or a staged theatrical production) as opposed to on the walls of a gallery, in this way inserting the essence of one discipline into the framework of another. Cow House Studios provide a €500 stipend upon arrival on the first day of the residency, accommodation, studio space and transportation to the local towns of Enniscorthy or New Ross twice weekly. Additionally, studio Co-Director Frank Abruzzese will prepare a home cooked meal once weekly.

More information and application form at

UCD Artist In Residence

A one year residency is offered to a professional artist. This includes studio space at UCD Parity Studios, a fee of 5,000.00 and access to all of the lectures, research seminars and other resources of the College. Please note that residency does not include accommodation. The artist will have the opportunity to engage with staff in the College towards the creation of work on multifaceted cultural, social and historical issues and challenges in contemporary society. The principal aims of the scheme are to support mutual exchange between the artist and College staff, students and researchers and to explore areas of research, current and prospective, through the lens of artistic practice. UCD offer studio space with 24hr access, artist’s fee of €5,000, access to lectures and courses in the College of Arts and Humanities, access to UCD library, an opportunity for mutual exchange with academics and other researchers at UCD, opportunity to participate in the UCD Parity Studios programme of talks, exhibitions and performances. Additional funding of up to €1,000 may be applied for, towards public dissemination/exhibition of residency related work.

Further information available at:

Heinrich Boll Cottage

The Heinrich Böll cottage in Dugort Achill has been in use as a residency for artists and writers since 1992. The residency has been organised and run by a local voluntary committee, in conjunction with Mayo Co. Council, The Arts Council of Ireland, The Heinrich Böll Foundation, Germany, and the family of Heinrich Böll.

2. Aims of Residency; The Residency at the Böll Cottage is designed to provide a secluded and private environment for writers and Artists to do their work, a space where artists can be away from their usual environment and routine, in a place conducive to their needs, and to producing high quality work and to provide access for the resident island community to high quality, professional standard, cultural and artistic events. This is achieved through readings and exhibitions – visits to local schools etc, organised in a manner which does not distract the resident artist from their main creative work, while at the cottage. More information available at:

Tyrone Guthrie Centre (Annamakerrig)

The Tyrone Guthrie Centre promotes excellence and innovation in the arts by providing residential opportunities and workspaces for artists with a proven record of achievement. Artists are required to focus on a project or a detailed programme of work to be undertaken within a timeframe, in an environment which supports and values high standards, peer evaluation and exchange and a self-directed work ethic. Irish language and music is part of the artistic endeavour at Annaghmakerrig where opportunities also arise for new collaborations across art-forms and international boundaries. Applicants must be a professional practising artist; you must identify yourself, and be recognised by your peers, as a professional practising artist. More information available at

An Tain Arts Centre

One of An Táin Arts Centre’s key ambitions is to develop the Emerging Artist series and establish a summer residency programme and bursary in 2016. The programme will be open to recent graduates and artists at the start of their career looking to establish a collaborative practice in a community setting. The aim of the residency is to assist artists to research and develop new work and give them the time and space to develop their practice in a community setting. This will be An Táin Arts Centre's inaugural visual arts residency and so we are open to the form that it might take. We are not prescriptive about in the manner in which you work with and in the community, but we would like to see applications that demonstrate a genuine interest in collaboration and public engagement. Applications from individual artists and/or arts collectives working in any art form are welcome. The resident artist will be provided with a studio space adjoining The Basement Gallery from June 20th to September 17th, administrative and outreach support, and the opportunity to exhibit during and at the end of the residency. The value of the bursary is €2000, which includes a living stipend of €500 per month and a materials bursary of up to €500 (with receipts). The successful artist or arts collective will be selected by a shortlisting and interview process, based on artist CV, proposal, budget, portfolio, and references.

Information available at:

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