The SDGI Guide to Residencies

Whether it is soaking in the Tuscan sunshine or watching the northern lights over Iceland, the SDGI Spring Guide to Residencies for Directors highlights inspirational spaces around the world for you to work on your projects.


Internation Lab, Italy

The IUGTE in Leitring bei Leibnitz, Austria is an non-profit organisation that explores the relationship between theatre traditions and the contemporary performing arts. The Internation Lab, a section of the institute, is currently taking applications for a scholarship programme for an “intensive workshop”. The workshop is open to performers from different creative genres, including directors. The Lab will focus on experiments in performing arts, and the Russian Theatre Tradition in examining “physicality as the principal creative instrument…in contemporary performance”. The Scholarship awards it’s successful applicants €300, and the participation fee is covered in the cost of the application. For more information about the organisation and on how to apply, visit


Each year, the Festival De Cannes offers a prestigious residency programme where a dozen successful applicants are given the chance to relocate to Paris in order to develop their film project, research and develop networks within the industry. In addition, those in the Résidence du Festival are given a grant of €800 per month, free access to a large number of Paris cinemas, optional French lessons, and the possibility of attending festivals during their stay. The programme includes meeting with producers and distributers, script development and advice sessions, and a forum discussion with other directors, professionals and industry representatives. The selection of residents “is based on the quality of their already made shorts, or first feature film, as well as the interest of the feature film project in the course of being written, and on the candidates motivation”. For more information on when you can apply, visit


Berlinale Film Festival is currently starting a new residency programme. The programme, currently in it’s first year, offers six directors “who have already enjoyed their first success on the international festival circuit” a grant programme and the chance to live and work in Berlin for four months. Much like the Cannes Résidence du Festival, the Berlinale Residency will allow film directors to develop their next project further by offering them guidance from selected mentors and market experts. The residency is split into two phases; one for initial script development, and another that focuses on content marketing for international distribution. For further information on the residency programme, plus an application, you can visit


The Nes Artist Residency was founded in March 2008 in Skagaströnd, a small town in North West Iceland, the first artists in residence arrived in June. As one of the largest residencies in Iceland, Nes currently hosts between 90-120 artists per year. Nes provides artists with a workspace and living quarters within Skagaströnd. During their stay, artists live in five shared apartments throughout the town. The Nes is a process based residency. NES aim to provide opportunities for international and artistic exchange, as well as an immersive space to allow the artistic process to develop and thrive. We encourage all artists that come to Nes to join us with curiosity to connect with this special place as part of their personal experience and artistic practice. Nes is a multidisciplinary residency that accepts applicants from all creative fields. We offer a writer in residence program in collaboration with the University of Iceland, and coordinate access to additional facilities for dancers, composers and musicians. Nes also has a history of hosting filmmakers and researchers. As there is no end of answers to the question “who is an artist,” Nes accepts applicants on a basis of self-definition. Info available at

Pieve International School

Residencies are available throughout the year. Residencies are for independent artists, writers, or filmmakers who are established in their careers and need uninterrupted time to work, or for those who are returning to their work after career and/or family obligations, or for those who are new to pursuing a career in art, writing or film. Residents may choose to apply for a one, two, three or four week stay at the Pieve International School. Residencies at the Pieve International School provide a private room, studio space, meals and a quiet, relaxed atmosphere in which to work. As Umbria is an important region for history, art, religion, antiquities and culture, the Pieve International School will host at least one important weekly trip in order to help residents get to know the local area. Studios are assigned according to a resident's needs. An artist, for example, will have a space in the Country House designated for studio use. Easels or tables are available for studio use. Writers or filmmakers may wish to take advantage of classroom spaces, or Conference Room spaces. The staff at the Pieve International School will do their best to accommodate the individual needs of each resident. Residents have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing meal at the end of the day with other residents at a shared table. Information on

AKOS Cultural NGO – ACOSS Residency

ACOSS residency program is a project workshop for the promotion of multi - disciplinary art and cultural international exchange in and out of Armenia. They call artists from all artistic disciplines to live, work, and collaborate during their preferred time of staying.

Through the Artist-in-Residence ACOSS supports international art activities bringing multicultural dimension to the region. The guest artists have opportunity to work in a peace space, separated from the everyday haste, set new contacts in the art field as well as to the local community. If artist's project is connected with Yerevan city, we can organize housing in the city. Interested artists have to discuss this matter with ACOSS artistic director beforehand. On completion of the residency the artists will get a Diploma about participation in the ACOSS Artist-in-Residence program, Booklet or Catalog on Final Exhibition and will provide a detailed report that gives an account of project completion and of all the professional activities in which the artist has engaged while in Yerevan. Private studios are available for artists 24 hours a day.

Info available at:

Atelier of Alexandria, Egypt

AAW Artists Residency Programme is one of three proposals under the frame of AAW projects (Alexandria to Africa to World) which propose international artists workshop, international youth salon and international artists residency programme. It is a four weeks artists residency programs, open to any artist working in any media (painting, sculpture, graphic, drawing, photography, installation, video art, performance, music, theatre and literature) from anywhere in the world.

The aims of the Artists Residency Program are to facilitate cultural exchange and creative dialogue internationally and locally by bringing together artists from diverse cultural backgrounds in a stimulating and supportive environment.