Screen Directors Guild Collecting Society




Why have the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland established a Collecting Society?


The Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 recognised film and television directors as authors of their work. The Screen Directors Collecting Society of Ireland (SDCSI) was established in 2005 to collect and distribute payments due to directors for the exploitation of their work.


What is the SDCSI here to collect for?


SDCSI was established to collect on directors’ entitlement to payments from the exploitation of their work nationally and internationally.


Foreign Collections


Throughout the European Union and in several other countries film and television directors are legally recognised as being authors of their work. This right of authorship may give directors an entitlement to receive payment for certain uses of their work – such as cable retransmission, private copying, video rentals. These payments are administered through the international network of authors’ collecting societies.


National Collections


SDCSI has no national agreement with Irish broadcasters and independent producers relating to payments for freelance directors for the secondary use of their work. SDCSI plan to establish a national agreement for all directors.


UK collections


Directors UK receives an annual payment to compensate freelance television directors for the secondary use of their work, under the terms of the Directors’ Rights Agreement agreed with broadcasters and independent producers in 2006. Directors UK is charged with the responsibility of devising, implementing and administering a scheme for the distribution of payments to individual directors. This takes account of the type of programme, and the length and the form of the secondary use. The Scheme is based on information supplied by broadcasters.


Why is it important to have an Irish Collecting Society?


Directors are entitled to payments for exploitation of their work in Ireland. It is crucial that remuneration of directors for secondary use of their works is recognised in Ireland and is in line with our European counterparts. It is equally important that SDCSI collect on foreign payments owed to Irish directors.


What payments can you expect to get?


Payments from the secondary exploitation of qualifying works vary from country to country and are regulated by criteria such as transmission type, programme type etc. (see Directors UK/SACD distribution guidelines).


Why should you register with the SDCSI?


Unless you register with the SDCSI you cannot receive monies due to you. SDCSI seek to win improved remuneration for directors and contractual and moral rights. The more directors who join, the stronger the Society becomes and the better the chances that we can improve the director’s position. To collect payments on foreign collections, you (and your works) need to be registered with the SDCSI. SDCSI is a non profit-making organisation and there is no cost to register. A management fee will apply and is currently not fixed.


SDCSI Procedures

  • Complete and return the SDGI Collection Agreement to SDGI Executive Administrator


Curved Street SouthTemple Bar

Dublin 2

  • Follow the procedures outlined below for applications and claims by non-UK residents under double taxation treaties

  • If you require assistance in this process, please contact us.


Procedures for applications and claims by non-UK residents under double taxation treaties


Under the terms of the United Kingdom/Ireland Double Taxation Convention members of the Screen Directors Collecting Society of Ireland (SDCSI) are required to register as tax resident in Ireland with the UK Inland Revenue in order to avoid double taxation. This is achieved by filing a standard UK Inland Revenue Double Taxation form known as Form FD12.


The Process is outlined below:

  • The individual (or organisation) must obtain and complete Form FD12. This can be obtained from the UK tax office or, for certain territories, be downloaded from their website:

  • Scroll down to Tax and choose “Double Taxation relief claims”

  • Scroll down to Downloadable forms and choose Ireland

  • Choose the pdf which is relevant to you as either an individual or company

  • The form must be completed with your personal details and sent to your LOCAL tax office eg. If you live in Bray you send the form to Wicklow District in Sandymount, where it will be certified that you are resident in Ireland for tax purposes.

  • The form will be returned to you by the Revenue and this authorised form should then to be returned to:Inland Revenue, Centre for Non-Residents, Fitz Roy House, PO Box 46, Nottingham NG2 1BD.

  • UK Inland Revenue will then issue the DPRS with the authority to pay you, the individual, at certain rate.




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