Role of the Animator Director



Animation Directors Decisions


The Work of the Director in Animation Production [PDF]


The film director is the primary creator of the audiovisual work. Whether fiction, animation, documentary short or feature length, screened on the big theatre screen, laptop or small mobile phone, the director is the artist that gives life to ideas and written words or the  creator of the final audiovisual work.


The director is a creative artist. The director’s talent is used to emotionally capture the audience through the portrayal of the subject by the combined manipulation of performance, light, framing, words, tone, sound and time.


The unique style of the work of an individual director is recognised and celebrated much as the unique style of the work of a painter or sculptor. It is the director’s expression of the subject that differentiates the vision of the artist.


The director channels the skill of the cinematographer, designer, editor, musician, performer and scriptwriter to create a work of unified vision.


The unique style of the audiovisual work draws the audience to follow the work of a particular director and draws the creative team to work with the director.


The creative decisions that directors make can impact on the economic reality of the production.


Directors often initiate projects; their style dictates the level of budget, the final working of the script, the location of the production, the length of production and the cast and crew requirements.

The director’s style and reputation is a decisive factor in raising finance for audiovisual works and in the promotion of the finished work.