Foras na Gaeilge Screen Directors Guild of Ireland Award


Foras na Gaeilge Screen Directors Guild of Ireland Award would be a recognition award for outstanding contribution that a director has made for work made in the Irish language. This would encourage and congratulate directors for feature films, documentaries, short films both in animation and live action that have been made in the Irish language. The aim of this award would be to send a message to the working directors of Ireland that their work made in Ireland is valued and encourage them to continue to work in the Irish language.



The SDGI Podcast series brings you to the heart of industry discussion and events. Our ‘Directors in Dialogue’ programme presents unique discussions between directors on new releases, industry concerns, and professional techniques from both Irish and international directors. 

Directors Finders Series



The Directors Finders Series Award presents an Irish director with an opportunity to showcase their film in the state of the art Director’s Guild of America Theatre, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles to an audience of key American distributors, agents and press with a view to securing a U.S distribution deal.

Residency Lists


The SDGI is continuing to seek clarification of the Artists Exemption Scheme in relation to audiovisual works of creative or cultural merit. The SDGI produced a report to the Department of Finance on behalf of members in 2008 and will continue to campaign to secure exemption status.

Arri Alexa Take



The Screen Directors Guild of Ireland have teamed up with Arri Alexa cameras to provide a new resource for directors in 2012. Directors who would like to make a short film, trailer or music video can apply to SDGI for a number of free full camera packages between two and six days.

SDGI Mentoring


SDGI publish a variety of resources to offer guidance on professional matters.