Kim Bartley



Film Type: Documentary



Kim Bartley is an Irish writer, director and storyteller.

She tries to make intimate and thought provoking documentaries. Her focus is on developing open and trusting relationships with those she films and finding ways to translate their emotions and their stories into compelling, creative, and uplifting films with grit and heart.

She's spent a large chunk of her working life on the road. Getting her first break with RTE, the Irish state broadcaster, she got to shoot her first report in 1998 while on assignment in Albania during the conflict in Kosovo. She loved the urgency and sense of being on the frontline of stories that matter so she began working as a photographer & videographer with Irish NGO Concern’s emergency response team- documenting their field work in humanitarian crises across the globe before returning to broadcasting as a freelance producer and director.

In 2001 she spent a year in Venezuela with co-director Donnacha O’Brien, where they filmed “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”. The documentary won international acclaim and continues to be used in media courses across the world.

She also run small production company, Frontline Films.


The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

(2003) - Documentary


Faraway Up Close

(2005) - TV Series Documentary


Charlie Bird Explores: The Amazon

(2007) - TV Movie Documentary


(2009) - TV Series Documentary

The Naked Election

(2011) - TV Movie Documentary

Unsettled: From Tinker to Traveller

(2012) - TV Movie Documentary

Schizophrenia: The Voices In My Head

(2017) - Documentary

Herstory Ireland's Epic Women

(2020) - TV Series Documentary




The Revolution Will Not Be Televised


2003 - Silver Hugo – Best Documentary, Chicago International Film Festival

2003 - IDA Award – International Documentary Association


2003 - Audience Award, Leeds International Film Festival

2003 - Golden Space Needle Award - Best Documentary, Documentary Award, Seattle International Film Festival

2004 - Seeds of War, Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

2005 - Audience Award, São Paulo International Film Award