How to Join



To become a member of AnimAL the annual cost is €25. This does not include a membership for SDGI and you need to either have one credit as a director or be working in a creative animation role at present. Membership is open all year round. 


To become a member of the Guild you must have two broadcast credits i.e., two films screened at a recognised film festival or broadcast on television.


If you satisfy the above the criteria joining could not be easier.

Annual membership is €125.00 if you pay by cheque or €105.00 if you choose to pay by standing order.


Simply fill out the Application Form giving contact details and work history and return by post including payment to


Screen Directors Guild of Ireland
Curved Street,
Temple Bar, Dublin 2.


We also invite you to revise About the SDGI.


You can also pay your membership by a Standing Order Mandate or through Paypal. Click on the Paypal button to purchase your membership.







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