How to Take Your Career to the Next Level with Jim Jermanok


On Sunday 8 October 2017, award-winning writer, director and producer, and author Jim Jermanok joined us for an intensive 4-hour workshop on how to get to the next level of your career.


MAKING YOUR PROJECTS HAPPEN: Successful Film/TV Producing & Financing is an acclaimed 4-hour workshop geared toward directors, writers, journalists, authors, producers, actors, key crew, agents, executives, investors and other working and successful creative professionals who want to produce films, TV or new media.


In this day and age, it is a well known fact that to work professionally as an writer, director and producer in any aspect of film, TV and new media, you need to create your own opportunities and make your own projects. This workshop is for those in the business and those who want to enter the business. It is based on 30 years of  experience and analysis of the qualities and traits that successful Film/TV creators and producers share. It is also based on the 30 years of personal and active producing experiences of its speaker, who is currently developing eight TV series and several features.

MAKING YOUR PROJECTS HAPPEN: Successful Film/TV Producing and Financing! is extremely empowering (if not life-transforming) bottom-line and nuts-and-bolts. No fluff. For the workshop, most participants take over 25 pages of notes! By the author of the bestseller: "BEYOND THE CRAFT: What You Need to Know to Make A Living Creatively” which was published during this year.    



  • 25 Producing Success Tragedies You Must Overcome aka What You Need to Know to Make A Project Happen Today

  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Producers But Were Afraid to Ask

  • How to Research and Develop a Project Properly

  • Pitching Yourself and Your Projects

  • How to Effectively Package a ProjectFILM AND TV FINANCING

  • Key Crew Who Can Make or Break Your Project

  • Five Headstarts to Financing a Film

  • Is Your Film Branded?

  • Determining If Financing is Possible

  • How to  Research and Locate Financiers

  • How to and Convince Investors

  • What Investors Need to Know

  • Present Sources of Film Financing

  • What You Need to Know About Tax Incentives and Other Soft Money

  • What You Need to Make Fiction TV Shows Happen

  • The Reality Behind Producing Reality ShowsEFFECTIVE NETWORKING AND THE ART OF THE SCHMOOZE

  • Social Media Marketing for Directors

  • Distinguishing Yourself and Your Project

  • The Psychology of Producing Success

  • Effective Networking and An Easy Networking System

  • Primary and Secondary Contacts

  • Informational Interviews

  • Art of the Schmooze

  • Making it happen on your own!