Deirdre Lyons Doyle



Tel: +353 (0) 87 2934 535

Film Type: Animation, Live Action




From Dublin and with a background in visualising, fashion illustration and writing Deirdre is now immersed in Storyboard illustration work and Character Design, for an animation Feature Film and Series which she has co-written and is co-directing and co-producing with her business partner Zoe Doyle. Currently Deirdre is working on the artwork for The Pilot Episode that they are preparing. Within the Film Industry, Deirdre has also enjoyed numerous film roles and credits from Art Director to Post-production Supervisor and Marketing Director.


Deirdre studied fashion drawing and figure sketching at The National College of Art. She then joined a graphic art studio and trained as a commercial artist directing many advertisements and photo shoots. Later she became a visualiser and fashion illustrator at Peter Owens Advertising. Deirdre then set up her own studio and handled all fashion illustration work for Richard Alan, Brown Thomas and many other top stores. Deirdre wrote and illustrated a children’s book which was published by An Gúm called An Chóisir. She has since illustrated many Irish books and posters. Her exhibitions include oils, watercolours and mixed medium. Linked to her passion for fashion and nature Deirdre likes to experiment and happily breaks any rules along the way, allowing spontaneity and individualism determine the piece.


‘My art comes from within – an instinct. I get it onto paper in the quickest possible way. As a visualiser it was that quick thumbnail sketch that always caught the feeling. I try to get this freshness of thought into my work. Together with works of fashion and nature, I enjoy the abstract. Great sweeps of colour, dramatic combinations, pleasing masses and voids, suggestive of something – but without conclusion. Art where the viewer decides. Even daily.’