Christopher Roche




Tel: +44 (0) 7789 561 254

Address: Madaboy, Murroe, Co. Limerick, Ireland

Film Type: Live Action



Chris was born in Canada to Irish parents, then grew up in Africa and Europe. Now based in London, he works internationally as a commercials director, spending most of his time living out of a suitcase. Sometimes sleeping in it too.


He worked in the film industry in Rome, London and Dublin as an assistant editor and director before writing and directing a few award winning short films. He was awarded the Miramax Scriptwriting Prize in 2000. His short film, Transit won 6 best film awards internationally. In 2011 Chris started directing his first feature film, Kara Murat, an historical adventure movie set in the mountains of Anatolia near the Georgian border.

For several years now he has been shooting spots around the world in collaboration with a wide array of agencies and clients. Filming brands as diverse as banks and beers he has turned his hand to comedy and lifestyle.


For Chris what matters most is the original concept, the idea behind the commercial. He collaborates with the creatives, ensuring that both he and they share the same vision so he can deliver what’s required – and then give something extra. Chris has always been great with scripts, often unlocking unforeseen potential or adding small details that really bring the concept to life.


Chris will then pursue this vision in every aspect of the directorial process. Noted for this casting, he is an expert in drawing out both subtle and hilarious performances from his actors. His storyboarding, art direction and photography are all executed in a style that best serves the creative concept. Post-production, graphics, music are all part of this process, resulting in a spot that has clarity and simplicity in its concept and a singular striking vision in its execution.


He follows a philosophy that work should involve a minimum of fuss and a good deal of fun. Flexible and versatile, he can adapt to changing situations and briefs whilst always ensuring the integrity of the project.


Chris has collaborated with many international agencies (Lowe, TBWA, BBDO, Leo Burnett, Young and Rubicam, Saatchi and Saatchi to name a few) in such places as London, Dublin, Prague, Dubai, Warsaw, Moscow, Kiev, Istanbul, Bangkok and USA.


Chris is also an award winning photographer and his work can be seen here:



The Miramax Scriptwriting Award

Audience Award (The Riblok Foundation) Cork International Film Festival


Wanderlust Photographer of the Year Finalist 2010


Best Film (Transit) Be Film Festival, New York 2010


Best Short Film (Transit) Giffoni Film Festival 2010


Best Film (Transit) I’ve Seen FIlms, Milano, 2010


Best Film (Transit) Pentedatillo Film Festival, 2010


Doha Experience (Transit) Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2010




2001 – Short – 4min



1999 – Short – 25min



1996 – Short – 25min