The only safe thing in filmmaking is to take a chance -Mike Nichols



The SDGI ARRI ALEXA TAKE 2020 is made for directors wishing to experiment and take creative risks with the use of the latest ARRI ALEXA camera. We encourage directors to submit proposals to create work that is intended for an audience but we also welcome proposals for personal lesson/test projects not intended to be seen by anyone.



Dublin, Ireland, December 20th , 2019 – The Screen Directors Guild of Ireland announces launch of 8th year of SDGI ARRI ALEXA TAKE 2020 with Frank Berry as creative director. 


The SDGI ARRI ALEXA TAKE supports the production of experiential and conceptual visual films that spark discovery and inspiration for directors. Incorporated into the broader ecosystem of support to directors at SDGI the ARRI ALEXA TAKE serves as a launching point for creative risk taking and new collaborations in the screen industry. Directors will have the opportunity to shoot on the new ARRI ALEXA Camera. 


This year Frank Berry (Michael Inside, I Used to Live Here, Ballymun Lullaby) has been appointed Creative Director of the ARRI ALEXA take programme to offer additional support to directors in their creative vision. 


Maurice Sweeney Director and SDGI Chairman said today: 


“Each year the SDGI ARRI ALEXA grows and is a convergence of the entire industry that come together to support our directors. I would like to sincerely thank each of our 8 partner organisations that show up year to collaborate with us. ”


Frank Berry Director and Board Member of SDGI said today: 


“It is a privilege to be involved in the ARRI ALEXA TAKE this year, an award that has produced some outstanding creative work from directors over the past eight years. This year, where appropriate, I want to offer my support to encourage directors to take risks with their work and to see this award as a creative growth opportunity no matter what level directors are at in their careers.”


In addition to ARRI, SDGI partners with 8 leading organisations in the Irish screen industry that come together to support directors, 24 7 Drama, National film school IADT, Bow street acting school, Irish society of Cinematographers, Screen Composers guild Ireland, Outer limits post production, Screen Composers Guild,Teach Solais lighting. 


Apply to be in for the SDGI ARRI ALEXA TAKE 2020 Please write no more than a one-page outline on why your project is a good fit for the ARRI Alexa Take with CV and if applicable any supporting documents. 



Friday, 17th January 2020 5pm.

Directors will be notified by end of February for shooting in late April/ early May 2020.


Milan Krsljanin of ARRI said today: 

“Filmmaking is not for fainthearted and jointly with SDGI ARRI is trying to bring the latest and finest technology to aspiring cineastes and help them enlarge their visions and broaden horizons. This year we are providing to Alexa Take winners opportunity to shoot with our flagship ARRI Alexa LF camera and amazing Signature Prime lenses. We are all looking forward to seeing their creative endeavours on the big screen.” 


Experience some of the films who have preivously the ARRI ALEXA TAKE made by streaming on SDGI YOUTUBE channell here 




Creative Director 2020 

Each year a creative director will offer directors optional support and guidance on their projects to help them get the most out of the experience. This years featured creative director is the critically acclaimed filmmaker Frank Berry (Michael Inside, I Used to Live Here, Ballymun Lullaby).



You will have two shoot days plus one camera-test day which will take place the day before the shoot begins. The full kit must be returned to the 24/7 premises no later than 5pm on the second shoot day.



Screen Directors Guild of Ireland and ARRI are delighted to partner with The Irish Society of Cinematographers (ISC) to provide experienced cinematographers for this award. ISC represent world class cinematographers who are willing to pair with directors subject to their availability; you can see list of ISC members here at



Outer Limits Post Production house have offered directors of this years ARRI ALEX TAKE 2020 a half day grading service and production of DCP. Hard drive to be provided by filmmakers



Bow Street have offered to provide trained actors for your production and also to use Bow Street as a location where suitable. Auditions for those directors needing casts available from now onwards. Bow Street is located at 12/13 Bow Street, Smithfield, Dublin 7.


Screen Composers Guild

The Screen Composers Guild of Ireland has offered the support of their composers to volunteer to work with a director on a film. Please see full list of screen composers guild. Please note composers must be confirmed in advance of shooting.



Directors must be a fully paid up member of the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland for 2020 to accept this opportunity. Most members on standing order comes out on the end of February if so then ignore this. This award is open to Screen Directors Guild of Ireland’s members only. Criteria to join are listed on Join SDGI section of website.



Directors need to provide their own insurance. SDGI has worked with AON Insurance in the past and they give reasonable rates. Please find attached the form for obtaining insurance. Their number is: 044 935 0126 and we’ve been speaking with Karen Sheridan. Please email proof of insurance once you’ve obtained it two weeks advance of shoot date. See separate kit list approx value of camera kit 400K.


Location of Kit

The kit will be stored at 24/7 with John Leahy (opening hours 9am -5pm) in between shoots. When collecting equipment from 24/7, please take all pieces of kit whether you need them or not as they will be under your insurance for the duration of your shoot. You will be in charge of storing the kit overnight when not in use.


There will be a mandatory camera assistant from National Film School IADT on each shoot that will be trained by ARRI. Training dates will be early April and directors welcome to attend this day in 247 Drama.



Teach Solais have agreed to provide for your lighting shoots; you will need to take insurance out on the lighting as well. Last year they offered the following kit:

1 x 1.2k compact

2 x arri 1k fresnels

2 x arri 500 fresnels

1 x 4foot 4 bank kinoflo

1 x 2 lift combo stand

2 x universal stands

2 x master stands

1 x set flags & nets

4 x c stands

10 x sand bags

6 x 16a extensions

2 x 16a splitters

4 x 13-16s



Directors are responsible for production and all budget elements related to their film.


Fellow Director Support

Previous directors of the ARRI ALEXA have offered to support the 2020 ARRI ALEXA TAKE directors and we will arrange a day in January for directors for breakfast chat and tips in late January.


Annual Meeting of Directors Promo /Screening

At the SDGI annual meeting of Directors on the 18th of June 2020 we like to give our members an update of what has been going on and show a promo and ask directors to volunteer to say a few words to your fellow directors about the experience.



Please Credit: The Screen Directors Guild of Ireland, ARRI ALEXA, Teach Solas, Irish Society of Cinematographers, 247 Drama,  Bow Street, Frank Berry, Outer Limits, Ciaran Tanhem, Milan Krsljanin, Screen Composers Guild in the end credits of your film.



Please let us know the location and times of your shoot if suits so someone from SDGI can pop in to say hello and tweet if suits.


Social Media

As all of this equipment has been leant out as a sponsorship and with the support of our partners, it would be amazing if we could be sure to give all our partners and supporters a shout on social media – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn – to say thank you for the support! We’ll be sure to do the same. Please take a few still photos for SDGI use would be helpful for our future years and promotion.

@screendirectors is SDGI twitter handle

Check out some of our previous ARRI Alexa videos here.


Screening is available in the Lighthouse if you wish to screen your film there and ARRI and have your cast and crew also on that day you are welcome. We would also like to put your film on the SDGI youtube channel when it is suits and has done festival circuit. While there is huge attendance at ARRI TAKE screenings and at festivals a screening is not mandatory.

Main contact:


To apply:

Submit via email to:


Please write no more than a one-page outline on why your project is a good fit for the ARRI Alexa Take.

Please send CV and if applicable any supporting documents.



Friday, 17th January @ 5pm.

Directors will be notified by late February for shooting in late April – early May 2020.




Thank you to all of our partners!