AnimAl - Animation Alliance





The Aims of the Animation Alliance


1) To promote an awareness of the creative role of animation directors and their importance in the animation industry


2) To establish members in all studios and reach out to independents


3) To develop links with Skillnet, Women In Animation, Peg Bar and Animation Ireland


4) To build on our connections with film festivals particularly Digital Biscuit and the Galway Film Fleadh



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So we are now extending our membership base again. If you call yourself a director, then you belong in the Animation Alliance, even if your chance to direct only comes along occasionally. If you want to direct another film - you are a director. Even if you have been working in other sections of the animation industry for years since your last film - you are still a director.


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Animation in Ireland is a great success story


However, success must not only be measured in terms of euros and cents. Animation is an art form in its own right. Directors in animation are concerned with the economic progress of our industry, but we have a wider vision.


In 2008 the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland, along with its animation sub-committee, produced an Animation Directory. This directory documents that Irish animation has its own directors and that they are an integral part of the industry’s success.


In 2011 we  approached the world famous Annecy Animation Festival to secure the invitation of Ireland as ‘Guest Nation’ in Annecy 2012. The Alliance initiated “Forty Shades of Green”, a 5 programme retrospective of Irish animation films. The myth of Ireland as a mere facility house - which it was seen as for far too long by many Europeans - was laid to rest.


In 2015 we launched the Animation Directors Award - in association with Peg Bar - at the Digital Biscuit Festival in Dublin. Next year we hope to extend the the award to three, for ‘Emerging Irish Director’, ‘Best Irish Director’ and 'Best International Director’.


Animation Alliance is working for animation generally and lobbying for directors particularly.

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